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The pulse of your career.

Grouphug is an employee engagement application providing anonymous peer feedback and analytics. We build relationships.

The review process, reimagined. 

Your performance shouldn't be dependent on bloated software, recalling events, or searching for emails over the course of a year. Grouphug gathers feedback over time to accurately measure the effects of individuals and organizations. 

Autonomous Growth

Grouphug positions you for success by collecting feedback over time to help you manage your career and performance.

Master your Craft

Understand where you fit within your team, organization and industry from insights with our analytics and profile dashboards.

Work with Purpose

Receive validation, be recognized for your accomplishments and strengthen relationships as an ambassador of goodwill.

Measure perceptions, influence outcomes.

Quantifying organizational perceptions helps you relate and adapt, so you can focus on the job and exceed expectations.

Power to the people.

Talent is at a premium. Attracting and retaining great employees is more difficult than ever before.

Modern organizations need to invest in consumerized work experiences similar to the technologies used in consumer applications to attract top talent.

Bundled HR suites are used with myriad expectations and limited results. People respond to solutions they can identify with and that provide utility. Useful solutions help people to be productive. Productive teams are better able to service customers, to the benefit of the organization.

Need substance for a review?

70% of buying experiences are based on how customers believe they are being treated.

At Grouphug, we know customer experience starts with the employee. We identify employee empathy supplied by ratings and reviews, coupled with analytics so you can learn how your organization and personnel are perceived to indicate whether objectives will be reached.

Curious to know what your coworkers think about you?

We make company connections actionable.

Grouphug exists where you are, when you need it.

Grouphug is frictionless, on the go, and meant to be used in minutes per session across all device types. 

  • Executives gain insights across operations and company health.
  • Teams collaborate iteratively by group, initiative or project.
  • Employee profiles catalogue events throughout the year for improvement and reviews.

Provide anonymous company feedback!


Empathy on demand.

Goodwill is the core of our product. Our tenets support this through identity, utility and anonymity. User input is completely anonymous to encourage  honest collaboration. Output is targeted at an individual and company level. Data is collected to provide longitudinal feedback, rank and score metrics.

Want to give kudos to a coworker? 

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Personal Profiles

Each user creates a user profile to manage their account, associations and performance. Our scoring system promotes objective benchmarking, independent of organizational bias. 

Ratings and Reviews

Feedback is requested in an ad hoc format and supplied anonymously through ratings and short-form responses to grade individuals, groups or the organization. 

People Analytics

Our simple analytics dashboard provides individuals and organizations the ability to visualize feedback overtime.

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